About AGI

Design Philosophy

Color Light Bulb GuyOne of the primary missions of AGI is to provide client value by improving the design and integration process through the systemization of the design process itself. This initiative is designed to:

    • increase the quality of the deliverables
    • reduce transferable errors
    • reduce cost
    • ultimately provide consistency of product to the client

We are achieving these goals by integrating our clients' standards within our internal design process.

AGI Automation has been incorporated since 2004. The company began operations in the oil & gas industry, primarily with a focus on control for sour gas gathering and mainline compression systems. Since its inception, AGI has performed automation control and integration services in the mining, manufacturing and lumber industries.

Our Mission is to develop lasting relationships with our clients through the consistent delivery of cost effective, quality engineering services that repeatedly surpass client expectations. Through this commitment, we will also provide a unique, dynamic and innovative work environment to our employees, where all are encouraged to contribute in a safe and positive manner.

Our Values in environment, health and safety are always at the forefront of our operations. We maintain programs that complement, or exceed our commitment to our clients requirements. We believe that a client's trust is paramount to our relationship. To that end, we are committed to provide our product consistently above all other measurements. Consistent quality; consistent value, and consistently on schedule.

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