AGI Automation is committed to being a good corporate citizen, and fully supports maintaining a green approach to its business activities. We believe that every little bit helps. Therefore we strive to keep our engineering procedures and deliverables in electronic format as much as possible. Drawings are PDF'd and collaborated against electronically; our personnel typically use dual monitor systems for the review and design process instead of paper markups.

If the client is in agreement, on project close out, instead of producing system data books in paper format, we try as much as possible to provide material approved for distribution via digital file stored on a CDROM. Some of our clients such as Spectra Energy Gas Transmission are also assisting in reducing our impact on the environment by accepting engineer certified drawings in Scanned and PDF format. We fully support these initiatives and will do what we can to help.

AGI Automation is constantly reviewing new technologies that we can employ in our design processes to ensure we keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

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