Light BulbAGI Automation is currently working on some challenging integration projects for major North American clients.
The following is a summary of projects under development or completed. Further information is available for any of these projects upon request.

• Natural Gas transmission station control system upgrade.

Green-field electrical oversight and control design on new Northern BC compressor station.

Integration with new Solar T-70 package for remote control and monitoring.

• Rolls Royce Spey MK1900 Panel Upgrade

Replace existing Entronic / Woodward control panel with new RX3i / Bently-Nevada system

• Mainline Compressor Upgrade On Two GE LM1500

Two panel replacements for GE LM1500 turbine / compressor packages.

Increased reliability and focus on remote operability from customer gas control.

• Mainline Compressor Upgrade On GE LM2500

Panel replacements for GE LM2500 turbine / compressor packages.

• Sour gas gathering station control upgrade in Northern BC.

Redundant systems for high availability

Installation and configuration of three new servers for HMI.

Historian installation for improved trending reliability.

Re-configuration of DeviceNet system, communications and control management

of 13 other PLC based systems.

• Upgrade of 40K HP electric compressor on straddle plant.

Upgrade existing relay logic control to new ControlLogix system

Interface to plant DCS

• Liquid Plant SCADA Upgrade & RTU Integration

• Meter Station PLC-5 Upgrade

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